In the Summer of 2018, we were approached by Parkinson’s UK to review their gaming programme as part of a big ‘Redefining Gaming’ drive that we were doing at the time. Parkinson’s UK were seeing their income from their gaming programme plateau And wanted to see some evolution in their raffles.

Working with them we had a workshop where we reviewed their creative against our unique ten building blocks of gaming creative. These are the critical components we have identified and refined over our decades of working within gaming fundraising, all of which need to be present to deliver the strongest creative possible. Our role was to identify the relative strength of each of these within their current offering and enhance them to develop a new approach that will maximise performance.

We also agreed in partnership with Parkinson’s UK a matrix of things that they would be interested in testing within their gaming communications, and a timescale in doing this.

From our recommendations we dialed up the prize excitement of the packs. Used seasonal graphics and more colours and made them look and seem a bit ‘more fun’. The ratio of prize towards cause was adjusted to 80:20, and other small wins that we suggested were added into the creative, such as images and testimonials from previous winners, simplifying the process, and offering prize alternatives.

We also recommended taking the raffle online and working with a digital partner of ours created and built an online landing page, with all payment gateways and legal and compliance documents taken care of. The online element has boosted the income and become increasingly important for the campaign. Further to this there is plans to expand the advertisement of the online raffle platform across multiple other channels too moving forwards in continuously improving their gaming programme.

Since then we’re very proud of the evolution of their two raffle packs a year:

The creative is clearly engaging with their warm gaming audience. And the opportunity to win, or giving at arm’s length, resonating with them. We’ve recently just finished our first raffle pack with Parkinson’s UK in 2020, testing going out with a Valentine’s theme raffle rather than their usual Spring-themed raffle, and results at the end of the campaign have performed better for income than the previous one, for the fourth sequential campaign.

As well as the income consistently increasing, the linear trend from the RR% and average gift has also increased by 5% and £6 respectively since 2018.

Parkinson’s UK are really happy with the growth of their gaming programme, and positive about this continuing.

Testimonial from Parkinson’s UK: “We have been very impressed with DMS. The creative changes they made paid dividends straight away with an immediate upshot in income. They are also a pleasure to work with, our Account Manager is responsive and happy to talk through the details, explaining decisions and directions taken. We’ve also been very pleased with the online platform, which DMS also kindly managed for us. We look forward to working with them in the future and seeing what concept they dream up for our next raffle”.


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