Arras Centenary

The battle of Arras saw the greatest concentration of Scottish battalions in any battle of the First World War. To commemorate the Centenary of this significant event, Poppyscotland we were asked for ideas to mark this anniversary and encourage donations to help today’s Armed Forces community living in Scotland.

Forty six thousand petals released

Releasing 46,000 petals from a top the National Monument seemed like a fitting and poignant tribute to signify the large number of Scottish soldiers who fell or were injured in the battle.

To spread awareness and build anticipation we launched a regional campaign running across digital, social, door drops, DM and Press.

Alongside high levels of social engagement and PR coverage, the campaign’s average online gifts were 84% above target and offline they hit 95% above target. Equally importantly, the event was a fitting and poignant tribute to the brave fallen soldiers at Arras.


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