By working with the client’s various departmental teams and coordinating research and web development partners, we defined a project roadmap covering insight, product development, product training, product creation and marketing.

This lead to the launch of a number of products & services

The most notable was a one-to-one Bereavement Support Helpline, which required the recruitment and training of volunteers to provide emotional support. The helpline was further supported by an online area containing user generated content providing additional support and a separate space where people could create a memorial to their cat. Gentle requests for donations and products to purchase were included in the journey but these were very recessive, the focus was on support.

Since launch in July 2016

  • Approx 600 mourners have been given emotional support through the helpline.
  • 468 memorials have been created

In the first two months of 2017 more income has been raised from Cat In-mem products and donations than in the whole of 2016.


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