after scientists identified the current decade as humanity’s last chance to avoid climate breakdown, we were honoured to work with greenpeace on their decade of change campaign.

Launched in 2020 across DM and video, this hard-hitting campaign targeted the global corporations and governments whose profiteering is causing catastrophic damage to our natural world.

Faced with a climate and nature emergency, the appeal encouraged Greenpeace supporters to kickstart a revolution and demand polluters take urgent action before it was too late.

We created a DM pack that spelled out just how high the stakes are. Supporters were asked to either give a cash gift or upgrade their regular gift to heap even more pressure on polluting companies, to stop the use of fossil fuels and to encourage the switch to renewables.

Traditional DM was accompanied by a short film, 2020 – The Decade of Change, which we scripted and then created in collaboration with our sister agency, Happy Hour Productions. Shared across social channels, the film enjoyed huge engagement and delivered the campaign’s core messages to a far wider audience.

The campaign was a huge success. Donations to the DM were nearly triple what was budgeted, while 2020 – The Decade of Change has been viewed more than 240,000 times on Facebook alone, with paid leads resulting in 2.2million views on Facebook and Instagram.

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