We focused on telling the story behind Lord Brian Rix’s fearless work with Mencap

This much-loved star of radio, theatre, TV and film transformed the future for people living with a learning disability. We took this on within the campaign and encouraged people to build on his legacy and further change the future.

Working with Mencap we challenged long-held conventions to keep the message and story compelling. This was combined with a media mix that blended traditional and what were considered ‘new’ channels for our core audience.

An approach that resonated with people

The legacy section of Mencap’s website became the most viewed area after the homepage. Visits – much of which came via content developed for Facebook – were 800 times higher than pre-campaign. And most importantly, requests for packs broke target, making this Mencap’s most successful legacy campaign ever.

When the campaign reached its second phase in just the first week it registered a 500% increase in visits to the webpage. Equally importantly, the average dwell times were over 4 minutes, people were taking time to read and digest the content.


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