You can change the future

The World’s Largest child sponsorship charity turned to us to Develop a Christmas Campaign that would encourage supporters to send greetings cards to their sponsored children and encourage donations to help vulnerable families in Zimbabwe.

As Christmas is a time of hope, we had the perfect opportunity to connect supporters with the difference they could make to their children’s lives and those caught in the Zimbabwe drought.

This was the supporters chance to change the future

We built on this through the narrative of the campaign, which weaved in World Vision’s faith with the spirit of Christmas. This was after all the time of year when we remember family and those less fortunate.

The key letter was signed by the sponsorship manager from the country that the sponsored child lived in. They conveyed the joy and delight children expressed on receiving Christmas cards from their sponsors. We then segued into the plight facing families in Zimbabwe by detailing how World Vision saved a family that faced starvation and gave them hope — showing the difference donations made.

The pack included a Christmas card for the sponsored child that the supporter could sign and send back for World Vision to forward on. A digital portal was established to offer additional ways in which supporters could send their cards.


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