Welcome to DMS’ Cookie Policy

We use cookies to track your visit which allows us to see which aspects of our website are popular and then refine our website to offer the best browsing experience to you the user, all of this information is anonymised so we cannot identify individuals on our site through cookies.

We do not use cookies to:

  • Collect any personally identifiable information about you (without your express permission)
  • Collect any sensitive information (without your express permission)
  • Pass personally identifiable data to third parties.

Google Analytics

Like most websites we use Google Analytics to track visits to our website. Google Analytics gives more information about their use of cookies here. Google Analytics tells us how you got on to our website and which pages you visited, don’t worry we can’t identify individuals.


We use A1WebStats to give us anonymous information about visitors to our website, including their company name based on IP address, how they clicked onto our site and where they go within the site. We do not collect personal information about any website visitors; the information we store is used to show us how visitors interact with our site. A1WebStats does not sell any data that they collect and all data is stored securely and, where applicable, encrypted to military grade. Their cookie policy gives more information about the data they collect.


We use HubSpot to build responsive forms on our website as well as track web visits. You can find more information about this here.


We embed our videos from Vimeo and in doing so Vimeo may place a cookie in your browser; for more information about this please see Vimeo’s cookie policy.


We also sometimes embed videos from YouTube which may place a cookie in your browser; you can read about YouTube’s cookie policy here.

How do I turn cookies off?

Most web browsers will allow you to turn off cookies, this can usually be found in your browsers settings. Please be aware that turning off cookies may affect or restrict your use of our website.

You can also opt-out of cookies by clicking ‘decline’ in our cookie alert at the top of the page when you visit our site.

Finally, if you need any more information about DMS’s approach to data protection or just want a bit of clarification on all of this then feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer at dataprotection@dmsagency.co.uk

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